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Downsizing & Moving Services for Older Adults
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“They bring clarity, order, comfort, warmth and caring to the messy and overwhelming job of downsizing and moving."

— Carol Stewart

"We couldn't be more appreciative for the work done on our behalf. The quiet, methodical pace was helpful and comforting. I highly recommend this group!"

— Steve and Susan Brous

"Move-In Comfort was able to transform an impending trainwreck into a smooth, coordinated landing...with people skills and hard work."

— Joel Devore 

“Coming into our new apartment with furniture and personal property already in place was a wonderful way to end the day!"

— Bill and Jackie Bishop

"Move-In Comfort's guidance and help allowed us to begin our new life in an apartment rested, rather than frazzled. A very satisfactory investment."

— Bruce and Janice Stark

"They provided excellent interior design and everything was set up so beautifully. Everyone who worked with me was very helpful."

— Mary Margaret Hoagberg