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Downsizing & Moving Services for Older Adults
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Unpack and Set Up New Home 

It's 'Move Day' and much to be done in the next 24-48 hours. But not for our clients...

It's move day and our clients are confident that they are prepared and have completed everything that needed to be completed before walking out of their home.

Their 'jobs' on move day are to get up, eat breakfast, and take off for the day (or sometimes the day and an overnight) for some R&R while we take on the last details of the move-in process.

While they are away we are busy overseeing the movers on both ends of the move ensuring only the items clients want moved are backed and transported. Proper placement of furniture and boxes by movers helps with efficiency as we prepare to unpack and set up new home.

When clients arrive their beds are made, kitchen, bath, bedroom, and living room complete. Move-In Comfort's attention to detail helps to re-create a smaller version of original home in ways that are comforting and familiar.

We then begin the work of unpacking and setting up new home as we have discussed ahead of time with our client. When all is done clients walk in to find everything has a place, and everything is in its' place.

Tip #1
Where to Begin

Start your downsizing in a room farthest from the 'heart of the home'. It will be the easiest place to warm up your downsizing 'muscles'.

Tip #2
How to Proceed

Complete one room before starting another. Have boxes, tape, stickies, and markers with you when you begin. Take a photo before and after so you can see your progress. 

Tip #3
Inner Guidance is Key

Notice how you 'feel' when you look at your things not just what you 'think'.  Let your inner voice and wisdom guide you. Leave out the 'shoulds'. This is for you!! 

Tip #4
Helping Your Parents?

When helping your parents ask questions such as "Help me understand", when you may not see the reasoning right away. Avoid using the word 'why?'.