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Downsizing & Moving Services for Older Adults
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Downsize To Age in Place

Sometimes 'staying put' is the right choice and downsizing becomes necessary to make staying put more feasible and comfortable.

Downsizing to live at home has many advantages. For one thing you don't have to move!  You will also once again be familiar with everything that you have in your home and where it is!

In the process of downsizing you'll have an opportunity to reflect on how you really use and live in your home now, and make your decisions based upon your current interests and lifestyle. 

Living in a home that is less full is calming and often has the side-effect of creating more safety. An additional advantage of downsizing earlier than later is that should something unforeseen occur and you find you have to move, or... the perfect place  becomes available and you want to move... you will be much more prepared. 

Downsizing to live at home has many advantages. You will once again be familiar with everything in your home and know exactly where it is!

Tip #1
Where to Begin

Start your downsizing in a room farthest from the 'heart of the home'. It will be the easiest place to warm up your downsizing 'muscles'.

Tip #2
How to Proceed

Complete one room before starting another. Have boxes, tape, stickies, and markers with you when you begin. Take a photo before and after so you can see your progress. 

Tip #3
Inner Guidance is Key

Notice how you 'feel' when you look at your things not just what you 'think'.  Let your inner voice and wisdom guide you. Leave out the 'shoulds'. This is for you!! 

Tip #4
Helping Your Parents?

When helping your parents ask questions such as "Help me understand", when you may not see the reasoning right away. Avoid using the word 'why?'.