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Downsizing & Moving Services for Older Adults
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Realtor Testimonials

Gregg Fuller
Bershire Hathaway Home Services

"Diana has been such a great help to me and my clients as transitioning seniors.  Her depth of knowledge and expertise really show!  AS a realtor in this business for over 25 years it is so important to have people working with me to help my senior sellers.”

— Eugene, OR
Brooks Tull
Windermere Real Estate

"Diana is the consummate professional. She is very organized, creative, and committed to helping her clients while being sensitive to their individual needs."

— Eugene, OR
Ron Bush
Equinox Real Estate

"I recently referred a couple to Move-In Comfort to help with their move to a retirement community. They were overwhelmed by their possessions that had accumulated over 40+ years.
My clients reported back how pleased they were with Move-In Comfort. Their professional expertise coupled with their caring attitude make the transition less stressful for both client and their family."

— Eugene, OR
Ashley Schnee
Keller Williams

"Having Diana and her team as part of my service provider package has been a great help. My philosophy is simple; clients come first. Move-In Comfort shares this philosophy and serves clients with professionalism, kindness, and compassion."

— Eugene, OR

5+ ways having a Senior Move Manager on your Team Helps both realtor and client

1. Client is better prepared and cooperative; Ready to move forward.

2. Able to achieve a more timely listing.

3. Client does not ask them to do things outside their job description. Thus able to have their time with client to focus Soley on their relationship and sale of property.

4. The senior move manager involved ensures that clients home will be photo ready wether client is still living in the house or house is staged by professional stager.

5. Client realizes they are knowledgeable and aware  of the unique challenges for busy boomers or senior moving  often for the first time alone, or with a partner who is not fully functioning as  in previous moves.  This increases comfort and trust.

6. Client feeling they are part of the team;  Realtor, move managers and themselves are there to get the job done. Significantly Lighten their load and reduces stress level  And feelings of overwhelm which.. Keep things moving forward with positive energy for the life of the listing.  Satisfied happy customers in the end!