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Downsizing & Moving Services for Older Adults
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Move-In Comfort was founded in 2004 becoming the first Senior Move Management Company in the NW.  Since then they have provided service for hundreds for older adults in the area, as well as around the country.

As a member of the National Association of Move Managers (NASMM) Diana participated in the creation of NASMM's Code of Ethics for its' members nationwide in 2005. Over the past 14 years she has been asked to address dozens of service organizations wanting to educate their members about the services available, as well as to provide inspiration and strategies for those who are wanting to downsize for themselves, or help a family member.

Move-In Comfort’s approach to downsizing has at its' core the belief that their clients need to be in charge of their downsizing decisions, while Move-In Comfort is there to guide them through the process by asking discerning questions, and providing lots of hands on help. In this way a true collaborative experience is achieved allowing clients to relax, focus their attention, stay organized, and meet their goals in a reasonable and timely manner.

The Move-In
Comfort Team

The Move-In Comfort team includes those whose professional backgrounds include counseling, project management, architecture, art and human services.  Each member on the team has great admiration for and appreciation of those they work with, and love to see the happy (and relieved) look on faces when move-in day is complete.

Founder and Owner

Diana Masarie

Owner of Move-In Comfort | Member of NASMM

Combining her professional background in project management, formal education in psychology, lifelong love of home design, and older relatives, Diana brings much of her significant life experience to this work.

Over the years her work has attracted others who feel drawn to this to this specialty area who have brought their unique skills and experience, passion and commitment.  They also find the work and clients gratifying and inspiring.

After 14 years of providing service (in all it’s variety) Diana is indebted to her many courageous clients who continue to shed more light onto this significant life transition.