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Downsizing & Moving Services for Older Adults
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Welcome to Move-In Comfort

Creative Solutions for Move-Planning, Design, Organizing, Downsizing, and New Home Set-Up

Whether you’re downsizing in preparation for a move or downsizing to 'stay put' the tasks you're facing often feel overwhelming.  Often more questions arise than answers, and it may be difficult to know where to begin.

Since 2004 Move-In Comfort has been helping older adults (with or without their families) successfully navigate through the numerous tasks involved in the downsizing and moving process. Our comprehensive services, (as well as our recently added coaching option) ensures you a thoughtful, thorough, and manageable approach to moving through your transition; guiding and assisting you from start to finish. Whichever task(s) you're facing it's important to know ... you don’t have to do it alone.

What We Do

Planning your Move

There are many components involved in downsizing, preparing your home to...

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Our design process is truly  collaborative as we work together we create a layout that supports how you want…  

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Downsize & Organize

Our approach to downsizing ensures you make informed and well thought out decisions about what to keep, and...

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 resource Provider

One of our services is that we are a resource provider for other services you may need in the course...

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Unpack and set up
new home

It is Move Day and there is much to be done in the next 24 hours. But not for our clients...

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Downsize to age
in place

Sometimes it is not quite time to move, and sometimes it may never be time to move..

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Our coaching menu gives clients a selection of services to choose from...

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Move into/out of
the area

As a member of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers).. 

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 estate clear outs

As we all know the idea of going through a house after a loved one has moved unexpectedly, or passed away...

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The Move-In
Comfort Team

The Move-In Comfort team includes those whose professional backgrounds include counseling, project management, architecture, art, and human services.  Each member on the team has great admiration and appreciation of those they work with, and love to see the happy (and relieved) look on faces when all is said and done.

Founder and Owner

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